"Korean women are the driving force behind the innovative K-beauty trend. They prefer natural looking makeup and believe the skin should look beautiful and natural. This preference lead the Koreans to create the Cushion Foundation that has a natural and skin like finish."

-Bobbi Brown,Gabriel-

"Korea has established itself as the hub of cosmetics, and that has become an undeniable fact. In recent years, the cosmetic industry has had significant success, and innovative products such as BB cream, sleeping mask packs and cushion foundation have all emerged from that region.

-The French daily newspaper Le Figaro-

"Youth is fleeting. It is no longer primarily older women who invest in cosmetics and skincare.The beauty culture in Seoul women knows no age boundary European women generally use 2-3 beauty products, the Japanese women use 6-7 beauty products, while Korean women use eight products a day."

-Cosmopolitan beauty artist talk-

"It is typical of South Korean consumers to be picky about fashion and meticulous about cosmetics. Perhaps that is why Korean beauty products are a hit in Asia"

-Cosmetic industry epresentatives-

"The world's largest cosmetic store Sephora. promoted K-beauty products for the whole month of October 2015 in the United States. This was the first time Sephora introduced a country's beauty product selection all together in one place It is evident what American women want. an emphasis on skin care instead of makeup"

-New Beauty Magazine Chief Editor Anna Jimenez-

"South Korea has spread its glow"

-NewYorkTimes (NYT)-

Focus on building healthy skin instead of masking with heavy makeup

Korean women understand the importance of being consistent in their skincare routine. On average,they use up to eight products daily. So they don't mind paying for the product as they believe that each product helps their skin achieve that healthy glow in incremental steps. Korean women prefer to use as little makeup as possible so that their healthy skin glow is not masked by heavy makeup.

Meticulous Consumers -> Competition -> Better products at affordable prices

Koreans are some of the most demanding beauty consumers in the world. They are meticulous because they consider every ingredient that goes into the cosmetic product and as to whether it would be beneficial to their skincare regimen. As a result, cosmetic companies in Korea fiercely compete to ensure their products are made with the most natural yet effective ingredients. Competition in the beauty industry also drives down the prices of beauty products and this is especially beneficial to consumers. Another factor that has driven the Korean beauty wave is that Korean women are very open to trying out new products. Innovative products such as BB Cream, CC Cream, and Cushion Foundation all originated from Korea and had become world famous. The rest of the world is looking towards Korea for beauty trends and inspiration to revolutionize beauty practices.

Four seasons

Paris and Korea have similar weathers, with the latter having a dryer climate. The changing seasons call for different skin care regiments, and especially spring. fall and winter as the air becomes dry. During this season, there is a great need to constantly keep our skin hydrated and nourished so that it is protected from accelerated aging. Korean skincare companies have developed a range of products for every season to suit the changing climates. Taking into account that eight products are used each season, we begin to understand how and why the Korean beauty market has flourished so well.

Unique Ingredients

'Horse oil, snail slime. seaweed, sparkling water, ginseng, etc... You know you are buying a Korean beauty product when you see such unusual items on the ingredients list. These seemingly bizarre elements are part of Korea's novel efforts to incorporate natural ingredients from Mother Nature to deliver a product that is as or more effective as other chemical laden products. Consumers are becoming more aware and gone are the days where all our beauty products are chock full of chemicals. Thee is a higher expectation today product fierce competition among the beauty companies allow them to constantly outdo themselves to produce better products with natural ingredients.This amazing effort to incorporate natural ingredients is an essential strength in the world of Korean beauty practices.

Our Promises

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