Ann and Eve are co-founders of SeoulSoulBeauty and they have been the best of friends since kindergarten. They majored in art and design and studied at The Art College in Seoul. Since then, they have had over 10 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry in Korea. Through their decade-long training and work experience, they have acquired the knowledge and qualities of a specialist in the beauty industry in Korea.

In recent years, Korean beauty trends have gained a steady rate of following. Consequently, we see more and more new beauty products in the market being inspired and influenced by the country and by the looks of it, the Korean beauty wave is nowhere near done yet. As an avid believer in the beauty ritual and culture of Korean skincare, Eve was inspired to share her wealth of knowledge with the beauty circle here. Her story began when she ran out of the beauty product she was using while in Malaysia. She opted to look for alternatives only to realize how much she missed and took for granted the products she was using in Korea.The comparison made her realize that there was indeed a stark difference in the quality,effectiveness and variety of beauty products here as compared to those she had been using from Korea.

Along the way Eve made some friends in Malaysia who seemed to take an interest in Korean beauty products. However they did not know where to start since there was many local stores retailing Korean beauty items. The influx of different brands and thousands of new Korean products made it complicated and confusing to her local friends. They began to seek her help and advice to choose products that would elevate their beauty routine to the next level. So thus began her journey of sharing her knowledge of Korean beauty skincare and cosmetics with her local friends. She started buying beauty products from Korea every time she traveled back and gave them to her friends to try. Her friends soon began to look for the same products she gave them locally. However, these products were hard to come by because they were either always out of stock or because they were not available here.

From this experience, Eve sought to find a solution for her friends. And that's when she got the inspiration that she would start a platform to share the information and wealth of knowledge she had about Korean beauty. It would also serve as a place where locals could find favorite Korean beauty products alongside the information they sought about Korean beauty practices. Hence, Ann and Eve decided to start SeoulSoulBeauty. With a decade long experience in the beauty industry under their belt, it is their goal to share the knowledge they have about Korean beauty with the world. Not only do they understand what consumers are looking for but because of their background in the beauty industry, they understand the importance of choosing the right products based on manufacturing practices and ingredients used.

It is their desire to share accurate information with consumers and to offer trendy products at a reasonable price. A majority of the stock will be placed here in Malaysia. Local customers will now be able to receive Korean beauty products at a faster and cheaper rate.

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones".
SeoulSoulBeauty, your best beauty companion.