A typical South Korean woman uses up to eight skin care products for a day and that is in addition to using mask packs and exfoliating products 2-3 times a week. As a comparison to the beauty practices in other regions. it may seem as if Korean women have an extensive beauty routine that uses too many products. It isn't always the case where more is better. The most Important thing to note here is to select the most suitable product for one's own skin type and use. The skin care routine should begin by applying lighter formulations and then gradually layering on products that have more viscosity such as creams, then oils. This is to ensure maximum absorption of products on the skin. It is commonly recommended to have a more intensive night are routine while keeping the daytime routine simpler and lighter.


Koreans have a saying that goes 'cleansing is more important than makeup. Perhaps that is why most Koreans double cleanse and they typically use two cleansers. Cleansing is an integral part of their extensive beauty routine and they start of by using an ell-based cleanserAn oil cleanser is one that is really effective yet gentle, and it is used to avoid having to scrub vigorously or tug at the skin to remove waterproof makeup. This prevents any skin damage or premature ageing as a result of forcefully trying to remove makeup from the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth. After oil cleansing. a water-based cleanser is used to wash off any residual makeup and oil.A mild cleanser is typically recommended for cleansing the skin in the morning.


Toners rehydrate the skin almost immediately after cleansingThis step also removes any residual makeup that could have remained on the skin after cleansing. A piece of cotton pad is soaked in toner solution and is gently wiped all over the face in circular motions. Start from the center of the face and move outwards in the direction of the peach fuzz (baby hairs) on the skin. Avoid toners with alcohol as the main ingredient because these toners tend to make the skin dehydrated.


An essence can sometimes be confused with ampoules and serums but it is entirely different. It tends to be much lighter than serums and is enriched with ingredients that nourish the skin. An essence is usually applied by pouring a coin sized amount into the palm of the hands and directly patted onto the skin. This allows all of the essence to be absorbed into the skin at a better rate.

Serums and Ampoules

As mentioned earlier these products may seem pretty similar to on essence. but they are almost always more concentrated. Typically serums and ampoules are part of the Intensive skin care regime with highly concentrated amounts of a particular ingredient Because of the higher concentration of key ingredients, serums and ampoules are used to improve specific skin issues such as wrinkle, acne, pigmentation, and to even brighten the skin tone.


Moisturizers are fundamental to the preservation of healthy and youthful skin. They are layered on after using the essence and serum to restore nutrients and hydration to the skin. tt acts as a barrier to protect skin from harsh environmental factors. Moisturizers come in a variety of viscosity ranging from products such as lotions. gels to creams.

Eye and neck cream

The eye and the neck area are among one of the must delicate areas of our skin.The Koreans take good care of it by applying creams onto those areas to prevent wrinkles and premature ageing. Korean woman start using these creams in their early 20's because it is considered to be a very important preventive measure. The eye cream is gently applied to the delicate eye area by using gentle tapping motions while the neck cream is applied in upward strokes to lift the neckline. Generally a small tub of eye cream is carried around in Korean women's pouches.They use it with a cotton swab to remove dead skin when they are on the ga or to apply it in small amounts to dry areas of skin.


Oil products have multiple uses. The most common way to use oil is to apply a few drops onto your hands and to warm it up between the palms of your hand. You then gently but firmly cup your face with the palms of your hone allowing the oil to be absorbed into the skin. This is applied after moisturizer These oils can be mixed with your favorite moisturizer foundation. lotion or even creams to adjust the consistency of the product. What the oil does is that it creates a barrier on your skin and prevents water from evaporating.ln addition to that.oils can also be used on the hair and the rest of your body to give you that healthy glow Mixing oils with your foundation will give you a natural and lighter coverage while keeping your skin hydrated. If you have oily ski, it is important to choose the right type 0101 for your skin type. Mineral oil should typically be avoided as it can clog pores and may cause other skin issues. These days, there are a variety of plant based oils in the beauty sphere that won't clog pores and help the skin retain its youthful elasticity.

Sun Protection

'You should ALWAYS have sunblock on.even when you are asleep. That is the mantra of the Korean beauty culture. UV protection Is one of the most important way, if not the only way to protect the skin from sun damage and photoaging. Prolonged exposure to the sun's rays causes melanin to surface in an attempt to protect Itself. As a result dark spots surface on the skin and T also causes wrinkles as sun damage accelerates skin ageing. It is a must to apply sun block at the end of your skincare routine.These day, some BB cream, moisturizers. and foundations have SPF incorporated in them but you should always include it after the last step of your skincare regime.The SPF level in these products is often not sufficient to protect the skin throughout the day. Another recommendation is to reapply the sunscreen every two hours especially if you are outdoors or engaged in vigorous physical activities that may cause you to sweat profusely. Try using a waterproof sunblock it you am going to be in contact with water.


Exfoliation is done not only to remove dead skin cells, but also to encourage new cell regeneration. As we get older our skin cycle gets longer. As a result. dead skin cells build up and the outer layer of dead and dull skin cells don't gets sloughed off quickly enough. All you need to do is to exfoliate your skin gently end repeat this step twice a week. Exfoliating stimulates and invigorates the skin to help it regenerate. Alter exfoliation a new layer of healthy skin cells ore revealed and you typically get smoother and brighter looking skin. Exfoliation also helps the skin absorb skincare products better.

Sheet Mask or Sleeping mask

Applying mask pecks are one of the things Korean women regularly do to condition the skin quickly. Mask packs. sheet masks. sleeping masks and modelling packs are among the many types of masks available in the beauty market. All facial masks should be done after cleansing and toner because the skin has been prepped for optimum product absorption after these steps. After applying the mask pack. keep it on for the recommended period and remove it while it is still moist. Top in the access solution using your fingertips for better absorption. A sleeping mask pack is applied as the lost step of the skincare regimen at night. It stays on the whole night to keep moisture in and to repair and rehydrote the skin while we sleep. In the morning. simply wash it off to reveal hydrated and well rested healthy skin. In Korea. the window between 10 pm end 2 am is considered the golden time for skincare. Scientifically we know that it is the time our body cells regenerate during our sleep. Hence the Koreans believe that it is important to sere the opportunity to encourage our skin to regenerate well by adding on a sleeping pack to keep the skin moisturized In during our sleep.